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Uneeda Bricks have a large range of recycled and second hand bricks for your building, landscaping, renovation or repair needs.

Trying to match existing bricks?
Our friendly and experienced staff will help to match your sample. With more than 1 million bricks in stock, you are sure to find the bricks you need.

We can also visit your job site for our brick match service to ensure you get the finish you want.

Click here to find out more about the bricks we have available.

Contact Uneeda Bricks for information on our range of bricks and to arrange prompt delivery to your site.

Uneeda Bricks can be used in so many ways:

  • New homes – Build a classic look or blend with existing buildings.
  • Rendered new home – Why use new bricks for rendering when Uneeda Bricks can supply house lots suitable for rendering.
  • Extensions – Adding that new room? A garage perhaps? Uneeda Bricks can be matched to most existing homes or constructions.
  • Paving or Landscaping - Recycled bricks for paving and landscaping can add instant character and appeal to your project.

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